How do I know what size pump and filter I really need?
Your pump and filter will be sized according to the volume of water in your pool. The main objective of any filtration system is the ability to turn over all the water in your pool at least once within a period of 12 hours. However, we do realize that there are those of you who like everything bigger and faster so we offer upgrades at an additional cost.

Can you empty and then refill your pool?
Yes, you can drain it. DO NOT leave it empty, however, but refill promptly. If the pool is empty and there is a lot of water in the ground soil, it could cause the pool to float and crack.

Why does chlorine kill swimming pool algae?
Chlorine kills bacteria and other single-celled algae by a chemical action called oxidation, which is sort of like burning by acid. Our skin is tough enough that weak chlorine in water won't hurt us, but you've probably noticed that in some swimming pools your eyes start to sting if you stay in too long. That's the chlorine starting to "burn" them. Water, including swimming pool water, contains disease germs. Chlorine is the most common sterilizer. Slight amounts of chlorine are used to kill germs, but are harmless to people.

How do I know if my swimming pool filters needs cleaning?
Check your swimming pool filter pressure. Most pool filters have a red line on the gauge. If the pressure gets above the red line then the pool filter is getting dirty. This means the pool filter either needs a cleaning or a back flush. When you see the pool filter is above the red line it is time to maintain (clean or back flush) the filter, or you may call us for an advice.