Fixed Equipement

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Skimmers made of white injected ABS, this material cannot be altered by chemical and atmospheric agents. Round lid mounted on square or circular frame. Adjustable rotating cover. Hinged lid attached by easily replaceable ABS rods. Height can be adjusted by means of vertical extension

Vertical extension for skimmers made of white ABS; this material cannot be altered by chemical and atmospheric agents. This component is used to adjust the skimmer height in order to get the lid flush with the capping.

Outlet nozzles, made of white ABS are for installation to the wall with an adjustable flow rate from 0 to 100%, are for installation on the floor of the pool. All the models made of polyester and liner include joints and stainless steel screws.

Inlet nozzles, made of white ABS, closing by rotating cover, pressure connection to bottom cleaner. They include joints and stainless steel screws.

Drains for commercial and residential pools. Made with polyester of fibreglass reinforced. Plastic material or stainless steal square grating of 250 x 250 or 480 x 480 (according to pool) fixed with stainless steel screws.

Underwater lights These are extra flat halogen underwater lights. Its lamp screen is made up of transparent polycarbonate. It is injected with ABS which is white and is unchangeable against physical and chemical agents.

There are also flat halogen underwater lights, but this model incorporates the lighting electronic system by LEDS, which allows to choose the wished colour for your swimming pool, simply by pressing the switch incorporated

Modular Grating grids for overflow, made of polypropylene treated against UV rays. 45 modules loose per meter, pressure joined.

Overflow corners, made of white polyester and fiber glass, non-slip.