Cleaning Material

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Chlorine Dispenser. Chlorine and bromine tablets dispenser, with adjustable lower grid. Upper lid equipped with safety mechanism for children. Capacity for 200 tablets of 20 gr.

Water Test Kit with liquid and reactive tablets. Measure range: 0,6-5,0 (Cl) and 6,8-8,2 (Ph). Reactive: DPD tablets for Chlorine measure and red of Phenol liquid for Ph liquid. Presentation in blue PVC case.

Floating hose, blue finish, 38 mm. or 50 mm. Sets KMA models include 38 hose, two (2) fittings TM38.C model and cardboard box.

Bottom cleaning equipment, different models of bottom cleaner, made of plastic material or stainlees steel , width 33 or 45 cm. universal fixation by clip or wing nuts and 38 mm. or 50 mm connections, according to model.

poles, to be fixed to bottom cleaners, brushes and leaf scoops. Made of anodised alluminium, handle and fixing parts of plastic material. KRIPSOL poles can be fixed both by clip and wing nuts whitout distinction.

Leaf scoops, suitable for every pole models. Polyester mesh, basket or flat models and fixation by wing clip.

Brushes, suitable for every pole models. Straight, curved, short models, etc.,fixation by wing clip.

Automatic bottom cleaner, SWIFT KLEAN model. The latest generation bottom cleaner, with a modern and attractive design. The SWIFT KLEANcannot be obstructed by anything thanks to the turning system, which takes the proper direction as needed.
  • No installation required.
  • It adapts to every shape of swimming pool.
  • It works by water suction, without electricity along with your swimming pool filtration.
  • Minimum inlet flow rate: 6000 l/h.
  • Direct connection to the skimmer or bottom cleaner intake.
  • Supplied with 10 hose sections of 1 m.
  • It weighs only 2 kg.
  • It has no rings, screws or nuts.
  • Fully silent.