Measuring Equipment

Compact equipment for automatic metering and dosing of pH and redox potencial. Panel with compact digital regulator of pH (from 0.00 to 14.00) and free chlorine by Redox potencial ( from 0.00 to 999 mv.). Includes :
  • Two (2) metering pumps of 5 or 10 l/h.
  • Shunt probe holder with flow control.
  • Combined electrode of PH-EPHM.
  • Combined electrode of Redox ERHM model.
  • Electrode holder in bypass PED model.
  • Flow sensor.
  • Level probes (it switches the pump off if there is no product)

Velocity Multi-Jet water meters Cast copper alloy body to ensure the meter strength and resistance, both internally and externally. The inlet incorporates a "basket" filter for solid retention. Opaque lid made in polycarbonate for shock and atmospheric protection.
Flowmeters, to be fitted on horizontal pipes. Simple to install by drilling the top of the pipe, though which the lower probe is inserted, holding it to the pipe with the flanges included with each appliance. Made of a single piece of transparent perspex , the reading floater is made of AISI 316.