Spas & Wellness

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Each spa, whether indoors, in your garden or on your terrace will lend an undeniable charm to your living environment. Reclining on their sumptuous seats, you will discover that every line of our spas has been designed to follow the shape of your body and maximise your comfort.

Equipped to the max, it will win over the most demanding user: massage pumps, digital display, multi-colour LED underwater light with dimmer switch, Red Cedar steps, rigid coverů each spa comes with everything you need for complete and instant gratification!

Our portable spas come with a 15 mm thick, solid Red Ceder surround, intimating the charm and quality of a handcrafted finish. Red Ceder combines good looks with resilience, ensuring that your spa will integrate perfectly into any indoor or outdoor setting. To guarantee impeccable quality, the surround support structure is made of solid pine.